Born and raised in Rome, Fabiana Vizzani Reis had been exposed to master works of Rafael, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Canova and Botticelli. Her keen observation in History and Art History led her to explore the dichotomy of female figural representation: morphologically idealized and beautiful creature like a goddess yet spiritually powerful being full of contradictions. On canvas, she desires to bring her own interpretation and learning interweaving with contemporary conceptualization of female body. 


"my work inspiration is the women's soul and all contradictions and passions that torment and relieve her life. My style is racy, the epicenter of the creation is the women's body. I use acrylic colors and I love to use the canvas like a receptor for all kindS of materialS and objectS that could broadcast cripted messageS to the spectator. There is a cathartic intention to leave the viewer more conscious about women'S sensibility”.